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About Us

About Us

Over the past two decades, JOA Factory Exposure Solutions has established itself as a complete sales, design, fabrication and installation group with over 60 years of combined industrial ventilation experience.

About JOA

Our roots date back to 1998 when JOA was first established in Delft, The Netherlands. JOA Ontwerp / Advies B.V., as we were originally known, built their name and credibility on providing expertise in the field of applied fluid dynamics for the purpose of designing high performance dust and fume extraction systems. The first customers were in the plastic, pharmaceutical and tobacco manufacturing industries.

JOA has a rich history spanning over 20 years. And we're only just getting started.


JOA is established in Delft, The Netherlands

1998 - Our focus is on designing high performance dust and fume extraction systems for the plastic, pharmaceutical and tobacco manufacturing industries.


JOA expands overseas with office in North America

2004 - With our expansion, there is now an emphasis on new and growing markets for dust and fume control in the US, Mexico and Canada.


JOA moves into new industrial office space

2010 - We move into industrial office space near I-77 and Charlotte Douglas Airport. Allows for additional employees, increased storage and ready access to transportation.


JOA Factory Exposure Solutions is created

2018 - New ownership leads to a new name and new mission: providing a Cleaner, Safer and Healthier Work Environment for our customers.


Brent Hindman

General Manager

Brent Hindman provides both leadership and management for JOA Factory Exposure Solutions across sales, design, project installation and commercial operations. His primary responsibilities are to provide strategic vision and planning to accomplish corporate growth strategies, improve and expand the core solutions and services that we provide to our customers, and provide guidance to empower employees to achieve their stated goals and be the best in their field.

From his initial hire as a Regional Sales Manager in 2004, Brent has steadily grown in his experience, capabilities and industry knowledge, enabling him to provide our customers with an improved workplace environment through the application of high performance industrial ventilation solutions.

Brent earned his Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 1992. He has over 20+ years of industrial sales experience, in addition to 3 years of field engineering work. In his free time, Brent enjoys spending time with family, strength training and motorcycling.

Eric Virkler

Applications Manager

Eric Virkler provides both a leadership and management role for JOA Factory Exposure Solutions with primary responsibility for project installations, guiding and assisting the Project Management team to ensure that customer expectations are exceeded in terms of project delivery and quality.

Since beginning employment with JOA in 2004, Eric has served in a variety of capacities including sales, project design and administration.

Eric earned his Bachelor’s degrees in Textile Chemistry and Business Management at North Carolina State University and his MBA from Wake Forest University. In his free time, Eric enjoys bicycling, fishing, tennis and spending time with family.

Scott Terry

Engineering Manager

Scott joined the JOA team in 2011 initially as a Project Engineer and later moved into his role as Engineering Manager in 2017. Scott brings with him over two decades of experience, previously focused in the Textile HVAC / Filtration industry. He now focuses his experience and leadership on the development of equipment and systems which will help to achieve our goal of providing a robust, effective and sustainable industrial ventilation solutions for the customer. In addition, he is focused on new ways to capture, convey and contain through extensive R&D research and modeling.

He has always been interested in what makes a mechanical item work. Is it the way it rotates, the power source, or it is a brace placed in the perfect spot, and the basic design that allows an object to remain stable, or in motion? It is this passion that allows him to look at a given situation, break it down, and develop a path forward. He is just as interested in the “Why” as he is in the “How”.

Scott obtained his Associate’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering after completing a 3-year tour in the Marines. In his free time, Scott enjoys perfecting his North Carolina style smoked BBQ, off-roading and completing those small to large home repair projects. Scott also enjoys spending time with his wife and two sons.

A Home in the Queen City

Charlotte, North Carolina, has been our home since our inception in 2004. As the city has grown, it has flourished with new construction throughout the city and new transportation routes by auto and plane. This has given us the opportunity to grow our office and place us nearer to our customers. The “Queen City” continues to be one of the fastest growing areas in the United States and with continual investments in light rail, transit and quality urban planning, it will only continue to attract future growth opportunities.


We are always looking for talented engineers, project managers and industrial sales representatives who are interested in joining our expanding team. Currently we have two vacancies:

Sales Engineer
Construction Project Manager

If you think you would be a good fit for JOA, please apply online or send us your resume with a cover letter to careers@joa-nam.com for consideration.

If you have new project to discuss or just want to some general consultation, please contact JOA today so that we can discuss your application, goals and expectations.

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