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JOA History

JOA History

From The Netherlands to Charlotte, from serving three industries to serving over twenty, JOA has seen quite the change over the past two decades.

The Roots

Our roots date back to 1998 when JOA was first established in Delft, The Netherlands. JOA Ontwerp / Advies B.V., as we were originally known, built their name and credibility on providing expertise in the field of applied fluid dynamics for the purpose of designing high performance dust and fume extraction systems. The first customers were in the plastic, pharmaceutical and tobacco manufacturing industries.

With the success in Europe, JOA expanded to North America in 2003, and with this change, came an emphasis on new and growing markets for dust and fume control in the US, Mexico and Canada. Over the years, JOA North America, LLC, developed our own advanced technologies, innovative concepts and holistic project implementation methodology which provided sustainable solutions for our customers. Our customer base has grown to include plastic film, mineral processing, chemicals, asphalt roofing, granules processing, glass manufacturing, refractories, concrete and ceramic manufacturing industries to name just a few.

A New Journey Begins

In 2018, the founding members of JOA North America, LLC, purchased the company from JOA Ontwerp / Advies B.V. From this new ownership group, we have embarked on an exciting mission to provide a Cleaner, Safer and Healthier Work Environment within our customer’s facilities. To better serve our mission and our customers, JOA has established ourselves as a complete sales/design/fabrication/installation group with over 60 years of combined industrial ventilation experience. Next to that, in 2019, we have changed our name to JOA Factory Exposure Solutions, to demonstrate our focus and commitment on this new journey to provide a more comprehensive service to our customers!

A New Home

The corporate office for JOA Factory Exposure Solutions is located in “The Queen City” of Charlotte, North Carolina. This beautiful, vibrant city has allowed us to have immediate, non-stop access to all of our customers via its international airport. Whether your project requires several field engineers or a complete mechanical installation team, we can be at your facility within a very short period of time. In addition, our location has allowed us to attract and keep top-level engineers and project managers from the technical colleges and universities in our area. We love our city and its people, and we would like to share it with you. So please, drop on by, as visitors are always welcome!