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Air Pollution Control

JOA has developed broad technical expertise and competency to properly specify and provide the appropriate Air Pollution Control for a variety of industries.

Our Solutions

For dust and fume collection systems, industry is required by federal, state or local laws to provide capable Air Pollution Control (APC) to reduce or eliminate any factory emissions before they are released into the ambient environment.

To meet these requirements, JOA has developed broad technical expertise and competency to properly specify and provide the appropriate air pollution control for the application.

For the control of particulate emissions, JOA may choose from robust and effective cyclones, wet scrubbers, baghouse collectors or cartridge collectors. For the control of condensables and VOC’s, JOA may select from robust and effective fume filters (HEAF), candle filters, belt filters, carbon beds or acoustic agglomeration.

For most projects, JOA shall recommend appropriate APC using certified, quality OEM suppliers. The customer may choose to select a specific OEM company or product. JOA will accommodate this request to allow the customer all possible flexibility on their capital purchases so long as the selected equipment meets the appropriate design criteria for the project.

Special Projects

For special projects, JOA may design and build customized high performance dust collectors, fume filters (HEAF), carbon beds, acoustic agglomeration and other APC as necessary to meet the customer’s needs.

From start to finish, JOA will guarantee the performance of our industrial ventilation system to not only significantly improve your workplace environment, but also that the accompanying air pollution control (APC) will effectively mitigate all factory emissions pursuant to all federal, state and local laws in your region. This fulfills JOA’s pledge for a Cleaner, Safer and Healthier Workplace and Environment!

If you would like to discuss air pollution control for a current project or retrofit, please contact JOA today so that we can review your application, goals and expectations.

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