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JOA is a full-service provider for robust, cost-effective and sustainable industrial ventilation systems for a wide variety of industries.

Our Services

We provide stand-alone or complete services that include design, build and installation for the following projects types:
Dust Collection, Fume Collection, Central Vacuum Cleaning, Industrial Hygiene Improvement, Factory Climate Improvement and Microclimates for Enhanced Production.


Clients often come to us with either a general idea, strategic vision, or a complete set of drawings for their project. JOA will listen and learn what their major challenges are, what their goals are and what their criteria for success looks like. From this initial discussion and further information gathering, JOA will partner with the client to develop a customized approach on how best to implement the project, insuring overall success.

JOA has a wide array of design capabilities. These capabilities include the preparation for basic and detailed system layouts, conceptual and detailed hood drawings, isometric and plan views, 3D modeling (isometric), 3D scanning, advanced GCM™ balanced system modeling, P&ID documentation, air pollution control equipment specifications, overall system performance guarantees, budgetary scope and installation scheduling and manpower requirements.

Our project methodology can be summarized as follows:


JOA may build and/or procure all new components necessary for the industrial ventilation system from the ground up, starting with the capture hoods, ductwork, balancing orifices, etc. We will provide major equipment (dust collector, fan) using existing off-the-shelf OEM suppliers.

Customers may choose to select a specific OEM product. JOA will accommodate this request to allow customers all possible flexibility on their project purchases, so long as the selected equipment meets the appropriate design criteria for the project. If it does not, then JOA will provide other alternatives to best meet the needs of both the customer and the design criteria. JOA has custom-built high performance fume filters, HEAF, carbon beds, and other air pollution control equipment as necessary to meet the customer’s needs.


For the past 15 years, JOA has provided skilled construction managers to work with local mechanical installers to insure that the JOA design and equipment are properly implemented at the customer’s facility.

The JOA construction manager provides installer training, technical guidance and quality control throughout the installation. They also provide start-up, validation and operator and maintenance training. We believe that this service has been instrumental to the success of each installation, and the performance and life for the system afterwards.

JOA would like to take a step further and offer complete mechanical installation services to our customers. The idea behind this is that our mechanical installers work on dust and fume collection systems every day and are practiced and proficient for this work. This allows JOA to provide a broader service to customers and give them greater confidence that the mechanical installation will go as planned. Furthermore, this takes the risk that a local contractor may not have the right level of experience or man-power for outages that involve short spans, with fast turnarounds, where every minute counts.

If you have new project to consider or would like a general consultation, please contact JOA today so that we can discuss your application, goals and expectations.

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