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Plant Ventilation Study

There can be a number of challenges with your Dust or Fume Collection Systems that not only lead to poorer work environments but also cross-contamination between your product runs.

The Challenge

Most of the issues we see with Dust or Fume Collection Systems include problems with excessive emissions inside the plant, dust build-up on production equipment and floor, and hazy indoor air quality. The Dust or Fume emissions may also be greater than your target OEL’s.

In addition, there is often frequent duct plugging (of your existing dust or fume collection system), valuable product being over-extracted from your process and cross contamination between production runs.

These challenges can affect your plant cleanliness, air quality, employee morale, explosion safety, maintenance activities, process yield, product quality and much more. Based upon experience, JOA believes that these challenges can be caused by multiple sources (acting separately and together).

We advise that if the issues continue after internal corrective actions have taken place, a Plant Ventilation Study should be performed to identify any underlining issues.

Our Plant Ventilation Study may include the following tasks:

If you believe that your industrial ventilation systems are not functioning properly, or are in need of improvement, please contact JOA today so that we can discuss your application, goals and expectations.

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