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Strategic Upgrades & Optimization

After completion of the Plant Ventilation Study, the customer will have a detailed report on the primary causes of their dust or fume collection system underperformance and recommendations for improvement.

Proven Experience

The next step in this critical process is to choose how best to implement these suggested system enhancements. JOA has proven experience and advanced design tools to assist our customers in upgrading and optimization an existing dust or fume collection system.

JOA is a full-service provider for robust, cost-effective and sustainable industrial ventilation systems for a wide variety of manufacturers.

We have a team of top notch design engineers, field technicians and construction managers with over 60 years of industry experience.

Custom Hoods

In some cases, the plant may require a redesign for several underperforming capture hoods. In response, JOA will review the effectiveness of the existing hood(s) and observe the process mechanics in that area, and how the operators perform their assigned duties.

In this process, we will develop a custom hood concept that we believe can work effectively in this target area. We will meet with the operators and maintenance team for this area, and let them have a full review of th is new hood concept. Based upon their feedback, we will use this information to build an optimized hood design whereby JOA can guarantee emissions capture and will allow for the best operability that is possible. In most cases, the plant team is agreeable to the hood (as they were integral to its design) and they make its implementation successful (as this is promoting a cleaner, safer and healthier workplace environment).

Advanced Technology

With the application of our proprietary GCM™ iterative software, JOA precisely models your existing dust or fume collection system and compares its performance to the original design. Next, we carefully determine the specific locations and causes of your performance bottlenecks relating to process issues, hood flow, hood capture efficiency, transport velocity, duct fouling, filter capacity / capability issues, fan capacity / capability issues, other, etc.

Ductwork Resizing & Rebalancing

As part of the debottlenecking process, JOA may recommend to change one or more targeted duct diameters, rebalance the duct branch or modify the layout of specified ductwork to enable insertion or remove of capture hoods. JOA would like to rebalance your ductwork without the use of adjustable valve or dampers. We can do this with the application of JOA Balancing Restrictors™. With this fixed orifice, the customer’s system will have the proper air flow. Then, if we implement the ductwork change, we can guarantee that the air flow rate and transport velocity will be optimized in the upgraded situation.

Air Pollution Control

The age and condition of industrial ventilation equipment is also important. JOA will review the operational and maintenance data for the filtration device, fan, and other vital equipment to insure that it can be reused in the optimized system design. If an upgrade or replacement is recommended, JOA will provide all information for customer to make their best informed decision.

Strategic Upgrades vs. Customer Expectations

We may apply the GCM™ software to develop multiple optimized design models which allow the customer to choose between low, medium and high level upgrades based upon their specific project goals, budget and timeline. This allows for individual project flexibility as well as greater control over the project input and outcome.

In many cases a 40-60% improvement in a system’s overall performance may improve the overall industrial hygiene enough such that the project is a major success with all OEL’s achieved. Perhaps, a 70-90% improvement may not have been commercially viable, and would not have been considered. Application of the GCM™ software for industrial ventilation system design allows JOA to provide the customer with strategic upgrade solutions to fit the customer’s expectation. (In many cases, a phased approach is selected, and GCM™ software allows for system stability and performance across the entire implementation period).

If you believe that your industrial ventilation systems are not functioning properly or are in need of improvement, please contact JOA today so that we can discuss your situation, goals and expectations.

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