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Central Vacuum Cleaning

We believe that the central vacuum cleaning concept can be an incredible tool, enabling factories and their employees to keep their facilities cleaner, safer, healthier and more productive.

The Problem

Across many industries, JOA has met with companies and their employees that have almost given up on central vacuum cleaning systems. Invariably, at some point in the past, these companies were provided with notably undersized equipment and/or a poorly designed system that could never deliver more than anemic performance. “No suction at the pick-up”, “vacuuming takes forever” and “quicker to shovel up” are common statements regarding system underperformance. Over time, poor system performance leads to operator distrust, misgivings and eventual system abandonment.

The Solution

JOA has seen this cycle repeated many times. It is for this reason that we entered the market for high performance, high reliability, central vacuum cleaning systems in rugged, abrasive material environments. We believe that the central vacuum cleaning concept can be an incredible tool by which to enable factories and their employees to keep their facilities cleaner, safer and healthier, and be more productive at the same time.  The following is a brief summary of JOA’s approach to central vacuum cleaning design.

Location and Routing

We walk the site with the customer, get to know where the operator requires daily pick-ups for line cleaning, general pick-ups for spillage, targeted area cleaning and remote area cleaning.

We lay in the best route to avoid interfering with existing equipment, pipe, cable, conduit or other obstacles. We also want to place elbows in locations that can be easily inspected for wear and changed as necessary.

Best Practice Methods & Technology

JOA provides specialized modeling software, false air for on-demand flow control, a variety of OEM vacuum pumps and filters, and post-installation operator and maintenance training. These are all intended to provide the client with long-term system performance, safety and stability.

Guaranteed System Performance

JOA provides all customers with a Performance Guarantee that our installed system will do as it was intended to do, or we make it right, every time, at no charge to the customer. This is our commitment to a Win = Win partnership with our customers.

If you have a new project you’d like to start or require a consultation, please contact JOA today so that we can discuss your application, goals and expectations.

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