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Dust Collection Systems

From plastics compounding to mineral processing, from asphalt roofing to pet food, JOA has developed proven expertise and capabilities to provide robust, cost-effective and sustainable dust collection systems across a wide range of industries.

A Complete Solution

We provide comprehensive services that include design, build and installation, as well as existing system debottlenecking, upgrades and optimization. Our expertise in applied fluid dynamics has led us to develop best practice methods and technology by which to provide a cleaner, safer and healthier workplace environment for factory employees. The following is a brief summary of JOA’s approach to dust collection system design.

Holistic Approach

JOA will carefully listen to the client to make sure we understand what they are asking for, what are their challenges and concerns, what are their goals for improvement, and what does success look like in the end. We will ask questions from both a recent and historical perspective to insure we have as detailed an understanding of their situation as possible and have not missed any ‘legacy’ knowledge which could be vital to the success of the new system.

Design Collaboration

As we develop the dust collection system design for the client, from capture hood, to ductwork layout, to air pollution control and fan, it is imperative that we get operator and maintenance involvement in areas such as process ergonomics, equipment access and material handling. Our goal is to build a system which incorporates smart, well-conceived means by which the operators and maintenance personnel can do their jobs successfully, while the dust collection system performs dependably and unobtrusively in the background.

Best Practice Methods & Technology

JOA has developed proven technology to insure the highest level of performance of our dust collection systems. We shall provide advanced capture hoods, balancing methods, modeling software, air pollution control equipment and post-installation operator and maintenance training which are all intended to provide the client with long-term system performance, safety and stability.

Guaranteed System Performance

JOA provides all customers with a Performance Guarantee that our installed system will do as it was intended to do, or we make it right, every time, at no charge to the customer. This is our commitment to a Win = Win partnership with our customers.

If you have a new project to discuss or just want general consultation, please contact JOA today so that we can discuss your application, goals and expectations.

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