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Industrial Hygiene Improvements

JOA has had the pleasure to work with a wide range of customers in realizing a cleaner, safer and healthier workplace environment for their employees.

Proven Experience

Whether you are dealing with fugitive emissions from asphalt, minerals, pigments, plastics, powders (organic or inorganic), rubber, sand or fiberglass, we have installed a successful dust or fume collection solution for your industry.

A Science-Based Approach

Many companies have come to JOA with the goal to achieve certain OELs/PELs in their workplace. Such projects require a science-based approach to understanding the specific root cause for the elevated dust or fume exposure. We also have to consider how the existing building layout, production process and operator ergonomics all play a role in creating the exposure risk. JOA follows a rigorous path to obtaining the critical information necessary to understand how all of these factors work in tandem to affect the workplace environment.

A Guaranteed Solution

Next, based upon application of best practice air flow simulation, calculation and design, we are able to define the appropriate dust and/or fume collection solution for your project. This solution can be a stand-alone system or combination of local exhaust ventilation (dust/fume collection) and general exhaust ventilation (dilution). Based upon the completion of a detailed design, JOA will provide a guaranteed factory exposure solution to meet or exceed the OEL/PEL for the customer’s project.

If you have a new project to discuss or just want general consultation, please contact JOA today so that we can discuss your application, goals and expectations.

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