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Microclimates for Enhanced Production

For plastic film and sheet extrusion, JOA has developed specialized technology to reduce surface defects of the manufactured material.

The "Virtual Cleanroom"

In our research and design group, we have developed a “virtual cleanroom” that we integrate around the existing roll stack and die stand, by which we can envelope the process and prevent and/or mitigate most particulate from migrating to the sheet surface. We call this “virtual cleanroom” our Microclimate.

A Technical Advantage

The JOA Microclimate has been globally installed in over 15 production facilities. From consumer electronics such as computer screens, to mobile phone screens, to medical grade plastics, our Microclimate technology has benefitted companies across the spectrum of industry. As design specifications call for ever smaller devices, this only increases the risk for particle contamination because when you are dealing with plastic processes, high process heat leads to excessive thermal activation in a clean room or white room production process. The JOA Microclimate has provided our customers that technical advantage by which we take underperforming manufacturing processes and achieve greater results, meeting the ever-increasing demands of the market.

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