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JOA Difference

JOA Difference

When selecting a dust or fume collection system supplier, there are many suppliers to choose from. In our experience, the customer is better served when they are provided with customized solutions, advantageous technology and a peace of mind guarantee that what they purchased will solve their problem. Let JOA Factory Exposure Solutions show you how we do it.


We Start With A Promise

JOA believes it is critical that we understand the unique challenges, concerns and goals for each and every customer. To that end, we provide each customer with a detailed performance guarantee that our installed system will do as it was intended to do, or we make it right, every time, at no charge to the customer. This is our commitment to a Win = Win partnership with our customers.

JOA is committed to treating our customers and employees with respect, humility and fairness. We are all in this world together and it behooves us to treat each other with kindness and consideration. This belief is at the core of our business philosophy.

JOA constantly looks to improve our offerings through training, innovation, capabilities expansion, supplier optimization and developing best practice methodologies and technology. From our GCM™ extraction system modeling program, to our Balancing Restrictors™ and Carousel™ technology, JOA is pushing the envelope to improve the performance and outcome of our installed systems.

For many of our customers, they have strong relationships with a variety of different suppliers. JOA completely understands and respects this, and will accommodate different suppliers to allow for flexibility on their project purchases, so long as the selected equipment meets the appropriate design criteria for the project.

We live in a world of finite resources and it is only right that we, as business leaders, design systems for sustainability. As such, JOA designs systems for robust, stable and effective performance. Whether or not the customer’s project is a retrofit or new installation, JOA shall deliver a long-term solution that will provide many years of consistent performance.

Before and After JOA

Let JOA make an environmental impact in your factory!

Our Solutions

We have six primary solutions that we provide to our customers. With each solution, JOA will provide our best practice methodology and technology to achieve project success.

Dust Collection Systems

Holistic and collaborative design process. Balance by Design approach.

Fume Collection Systems

Robust and capable air pollution control equipment. Guaranteed system performance.

Central Vacuum Cleaning

Built for harsh industrial environments. Robust and capable vacuum equipment.

Industrial Hygiene Improvements

We can help to reach your goals for specific OELs/PELs to notably improve your factory environment.

Factory Climate Improvements

We can alleviate the effects of hot production processes, improving the work environment.

Microclimates for Enhanced Production

We take under-performing manufacturing processes & provide real results for clients.

If you have a new project to discuss or just want general consultation, please contact JOA today so that we can discuss your application, goals and expectations.

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